Illustration: Different Types

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An illustration is not just a few lines of drawing, but is something that is intended to complement the subject or contents so as to provide a clear image of what they mean in the context. Illustration give a clear idea of the writings because of which they are largely being used to complement any piece of writing whether for marketing means or for teaching purposes. The application of illustrations are not just confined to book illustrations where the stories or ideas of the context are accompanied with accurate drawings or pictures, illustrations find application in a number of useful fields today. While representing the textual details, they offer an instant attraction or give a sudden notice to the viewers. And sometimes, people find it easier to understand the illustrations than the contents for which they are meant for. Nowadays, illustrations are found to accompany the writings given by authors in journals, newspapers, children's books, magazines, video games, movies and almost all print and visual media that we come across.

Illustrations have always been a part of writing from so many years, but it was not that technically advanced as in the modern days. Today, there are numerous advanced tools and innovative techniques that help in molding and enhancing the creation of illustrations. The traditional method of hand drawn illustrations is now replaced by digital techniques and visual 2D and 3D illustrations. The techniques and tools for creating amazing illustrations have now developed with the advent of digitalization. The technology has that much evolved that today the viewers are taken to a new world of visual imagination that is unbelievable and awfully imaged. You can now make use of different types of illustrations such as the 2D and 3D illustrations. The 2D illustrations are again classified into the vector and raster illustrations, both of which offer high standards of scalability and quality to the images.

The 3D illustrations are dimensionally created with technical excellence to represent the images with such excellent visual brilliance that you almost feel that the picture becomes alive before you. All these technologies allow a improved understanding of the writings.


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Illustration: Different Types

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This article was published on 2010/11/01