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See MeiQing qing spirit up, sang a say with smile: "has a good news, a bad news, you hear first?"


MeiQing qing some doubts, bright eyes blinked way:, ghd australia "what's the difference?" Want to the next way: "hear a bad news first.

Face a board sing a way: "can't find the space coordinates back..."

MeiQing qing know sang would not take this kidding, just exciting mood a heavy, "the good news?"

And sing a way: "you can and a handsome pull breeze of the handsome boy alone for a long time." In danger of fierce evil spirit, sang tell cold jokes, and also for the adjustment of the MeiQing your mood, improve the strength of the environment of her.

"Oh," MeiQing qing light smile, she sit this is cheerful, these days of silence also but is to sing and win the some distress. In this no one else has any rules in the world, those who let MeiQing qing feels depressive seemed to be gone. Light sigh a way: "that's a happy matter!"

As a girl, MeiQing qing though intelligent and tough, but one of the unstoppable romantic feelings. In such danger, she instead felt through thick and that kind of happiness.

Sing to the mouth and laughing, but in his heart he in dark sigh, unfortunately, if the emperor in the sword, go back to is as easy as pie. Cut to fit into a divinesword although the emperor of the holy sword god pure mind, but not the emperor of the holy sword positioning ability.

Because the holy huang sword and not itself can be locked space coordinates, but because the holy sword and light of the emperor mountain the holy huang method is closely, subtle body contact. To the holy huang method for body coordinate, hold the sword go to any holy emperor space, no lost badly.

Now every, want to go back to only two ways.

A is one to get. Just,  sing the HaoXing bracelet despite hand the spatial location of special ability, by the limits of the space barrier. Regardless of the space so stable blood domain, and day star no transfer array spirit link, HaoXing bracelet positioning information can't transfer to win hands shot.

Another back road, is through yuan baby sing, then, the power of the baby in yuan, and chop divinesword in hand, break open space barrier is not difficult. Have HaoXing bracelet positioning, want to return to the days of spirit star is not too difficult space.

According to estimates of the song, even if all goes well the fastest will 10 years of time, you may qualify yuan baby. And faster road, is fixed the xuanwu war day armour, only JinDan form, it can sing with xuanwu war ten times a day by break open space barrier. But, repair, xuanwu war day armour, as there are no adequate materials under the environment of the skulls, and sing to the baby into yuan than ten times more trouble.

Just say that space itself natural environment, besides the sternness fierce evil spirit, to a suitable for repairing the survival. And MeiQing sing a are built for food and drinking water base physiological needs has fallen to a very low level and the drug store content bracelet, original is not to eat the crystallization of the space food, three years support is no problem. Now the first step is to do, is to find a relatively safe hiding place. Proven slowly around the environment, in formulating plans. When compared to the MeiQing qing of don't know sorrow taste sang kidding, the heart has put all kinds of pressing problem considering it.

To say MeiQing age three years older than a sing also. But to say the independent existence of experience, MeiQing qing are like a three years old, and sang completely not comparable. MeiQing qing was about to speak, but seeing face a slight change sing, a ShanShen, and they came to a MeiQing front, an embrace MeiQing qing, on the breath and become obscure profound, not any normal practice of the angry, even out fluctuate disappeared.

In fact, since MeiQing sing in public to read a poem that song, MeiQing qing in and no forgot sang. At the beginning of the missing sing, used to make MeiQing qing care unceasingly. But in the search after inconclusive, MeiQing your whole heart into it the kendo, indifferent to practicing sword, let MeiQing qing jianfa and mood, has had great progress.

Two years later the emergence of the song, let MeiQing qing has been calm heart secretly glad.

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The same effect but Lower prices is our GHD Sale

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This article was published on 2012/04/30